What Is Uento?

Uento App is the best way to find new amazing apps every day for free. You can get points every time you install a different app and you can change them later for rewards.



The purpose of Uento is to deliver free apps every day to your phone and in exchange, you can get rewards. Anything that harms our app or advertisers apps is against our policies. 


1. Use VPN apps or software to change your IP.
2. Using emulators.
3. Creating several accounts. Only ONE account per person is allowed.
4. Forcing people to join Uento just to get more referrals.
5. Spam.
6. Your account is connected with too many banned accounts.
7. Using one Paypal account for more than 3 Uento accounts or connected with a banned account.
8. Using fake e-mails.
9. Changing phone ID, using terminal or any other method to scheme fake profiles.
10. Using more than 3 different PayPal accounts in a single Uento account.
11. You MUST install the last version of Uento ONLY from the Google Play store or Uento.com.

Using VPN Applications Will Block Your Account

There are a lot of stuff out there explaining that changing your VPN is a great way to get more apps. That will block your account, don't do it.


1. Travelling to another country. Your account will be disabled only for 2 days.
2. Changing your account to a new phone or tablet. Your account will be disabled only for 2 days.
3. Creating a new account. This will disable your second account only, not your first one.
4. Having too many referrals or points wont disable your account. We don’t put any limitations on earnings or referrals.


What is a referral?

A referral is somebody that you refer to join Uento by using your referral code. The more you invite, the more you win! We have 2 levels of referrals. For direct referrals you get 2 points every time they install any app and If a friend that you have referred to Uento invites another friend, then every time he or she install and app you get 1 point.


Where Is My Referral Code?

You have to reach level 20 to get the referral code.


What Are The Best And Worst Methods To Get Referrals?

The worst methods are those where spamming is involved. So for example, putting reviews everywhere telling your referral code and how great Uento app is, WON’T work (When was the last time you have followed a spam message? EXACTLY, never). Telling how exiting and amazing Uento is in a review, blog comment, tweet or anywhere that WASN'T asked for won’t help either. The best ways to get referrals is by telling it in a blog post, maybe in a Facebook page if you have trustful followers, sending a few e-mails to some people that you know or doing a video on YouTube showing up the process of earning points on Uento. Build a community and share content, DO NOT SPAM!


I Have Waited For 3 Days And I Didn't Get My 8 Points.

The answer is simple: you didn't wait for the exact 72hrs. Most of our users get very anxious but the truth is that you have to wait. 

Here are another reasons:

1. You didn't open the app right after you install it (this need to be done within 5 minutes).
2. You have uninstalled the app during the 72hrs. (Even if you installed again, is not valid).
3. You didn't have ANY internet connection for at least 5 seconds per day during the 72Hrs.
4. You have uninstalled Uento app.
5. You were using an emulator or VPN.
6. Your phone is not working properly or you were doing random stuff with your phone. (Rebooting, root, changing internal stuff, technical things that the normal guy will NEVER do).


Where Is My Referral Code?

You have reach level 20 in order to get a referral code. You will see it on the very bottom of the overview section.

Where Can I See All My Resulting Earnings?

On the navigation bar you will see the amount of points you and your referrals has made so far. On the top of the screen you will see the total points you have accumulated.


Can I Change My Email Address After Sign-Up?

No, for security reasons you can’t, but you can register a new account with another email address.


Where Can I Change My Password?

Use the main menu in the top left corner to navigate to “My Profile”.


Can I Register A Number Of Accounts For Myself?

Unfortunately you can only have one Uento account and one device. If some members of your family have another devices make sure are all unique, including the registered google play accounts.


Is There Any Limit Of Earnings?

No, you can earn as much as you have referrals and we deliver apps to be installed. The more points you accumulate in your account (without withdrawing) also results on higher Bonus Points per day.

What is the “Bonus Points” feature?

Bonus Points is a daily rewards system that gives you free points by accumulating and gaining points and experience level. In a nutshell: the more points you accumulate, the more you use our Advertisers apps, the more you share love, more points you’ll get per day!

What about the “Levels” feature?

Your Level experience increase every time you download new apps. This measures your activity and influences your position on Uento community. Get a higher Level and increase your Bonus Points ratio earnings every day!


Can I Review An App?

Yes. If you feel that a specific app catch your attention and you want to do a real and trustful review, you can do it. You can tell the developer what needs to be improved or may be just say how great the app is! Be nice with them and don't spam! (we track reviews and ban users who do spam).


Can I Keep The Apps That I Install?

Yes. If you find some of them interesting, you can keep it as long as you want!


Why I’m Not Seeing Any App Listed?

We display apps for limited period of time. First come, first served.


Is there any way to get more apps?

Yes, by being a loyal user and following the rules.


Where I Do Get Paid?

Once you have the enough amount of points just navigate to "withdraw rewards" and then redeem your prize.


What can I do if I don’t get a PayPal payment?

Make sure your PayPal is verified. Some times for some countries PayPal hold incoming payments until account if fully verified. Also in some cases PayPal will ask you to accept an incoming transaction in order to use that money. For that just go to your PayPal’s account, click in our transaction payment and then click in accept. Just remember that we don’t give any support with payments so make sure your PayPal account is in good standing and you put the correct PayPal email address at the moment of withdraw.


Are Proxies Or VPNs Allowed?

No, we do not allow the use of proxy or VPN servers. We monitor proxy use and automatically ban accounts if fraud is detected.


What happens if I change the country?

Your account will be disabled for a few days.


What happens if I change the phone?

Your account will be disabled 2 days and then you will be available to use it again. We do this for security purposes.


How Long Does It Take To Earn Points?

Earning points is incredibly easy and pretty much automatic. If somehow you're not seeing reflected your points, just close and open the application one time.


What Is The Minimum That I Need To Get Paid?

250 points is the minimum amount to withdraw.


Where can I go if I have a technical issue?

Please go to facebook.com/uento and send us private message. Response time might take several weeks. We always update on our Facebook page if something important happens as we do on the alert system on the “overview” section. Please be patience!